Gas Prices Lower in Bowling Green than Surrounding Areas

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We hear a lot in the media about gas prices in Bowling Green being higher than surrounding areas, but they aren’t always that way. The most recent Bowling Green gas prices recorded by show that, for the moment (captured in the snapshot below), gas prices in Bowling Green are actually lower. That could change any minute, meaning that if you follow the links, a very different story could appear.

So it does happen. Gas prices vary locally, regionally and by state for many reasons, including regulations, taxes, fuel standards, proximity to a major interstate, number of clustering gas stations, and local demand conditions based on population, medical or retail shopping hubs, workers that commute, etc. Follow local gas prices here: Bowling Green gas prices. And for fun, be sure to zoom out and see how we compare nationally. It is easy to see that gas prices can be very different just across state lines.

Gas Prices recorded by on 5_19_2014

Gas Prices recorded by on 5_19_2014

Catherine Carey
Interim Director, WKU Center for Applied Economics