Where Is the Employment Slack in Warren County and Kentucky Labor Markets?

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A study* released by the St. Louis Federal Reserve on May 19 indicated that the slack in the labor market since the “Great Recession” can mostly be found in three industries. Those industries include construction, manufacturing and information. In Kentucky, employment in two of the three industries also indicate slack (manufacturing and construction), along with trade, transportation and utilities. In Warren County, the slack appears to be in manufacturing, construction, and financial activities, along with trade, transportation, and utilities. The trade, transportation, and utilities sector is a supersector in service industries that includes wholesale trade, retail trade, transportation (of passengers and cargo) and wharehousing (of goods), and utilities (provision of electric power, natural gas, steam supply, water supply, and sewage removal). The charts below represent employment in these and other selected industries for Kentucky and Warren County. Warren County data is not seasonally adjusted, so seasonal trends employment, such as Christmas holidays in retail and summer construction and travel can easily be seen.

*Where is the Slack in the Labor Market? by Carlos Garriga in Economic Synopses, 2014, No. 13

Catherine Carey, Interim Director
WKU Center for Applied Economics